Cedar Shake

Cedar is the wood material which is approved for roofing. It not only gives the roofs a beautiful look but is durable, withstand hail and heavy storms, resist insects, etc. Over their lifetime, the cedar shakes remain unaffected with minimal shrinkage, i.e. life expectancy varies from 30 to 50 years.

How longer your roof lasts depend on the composition of roofs. Cedar shake roofs can be installed easily on smaller areas and are fairly simple to repair. And experts recommend using the roofs in temperatures near 0 to 120 degrees or more. You can also follow a consistent repair program to maintain the longevity of your roof.

Shakes are cut in order and are secured properly with nails, width of the shakes do not matter. And to cover nail heads, the shakes are glued on ideally with roofing caulk. By considering each and every step, our concern is to offer quality roofing installation.

Come to us, we’ll help you to create a more rustic effect around the vents, in valleys, along the rake and besides flashing.