Perimeter Drain Installation

Perimeter Drain Installation – We offer high quality perimeter drain installation services for residential properties in BC. We also provide drainage repair and maintenance services in and around BC.

Perimeter drain installation service is an important drainage maintenance service as it helps in the prevention of water from entering into your basement. If you often face a problem of your basement being flooded with water, perimeter drain installation is the perfect solution to eradicate this problem. We make use of right equipment and materials to fix a perimeter drain for the basement of your home.

It’s true that most houses face a risk of having wet basements. Their basements tend to be flooded with water even if the weather outside is temperate. The reason why basements are flooded with water is that the structures are constructed under the ground. Another reason can be that there is improper drainage around the base of your home. This leads to the basements being flooded with water. We install perimeter drain system in such a way that there is no chance of water leakage in your basement.