Video Inspection

We provide Video Inspection for leaking and clogged drains and help you to keep your drains clean and in a good condition. We offer advanced technology services to detect the problem and provide cost effective solutions in and around BC.

Clogged or leaking drains can result in flooding or cause leakage in peripheral walls and even roofing systems, ceiling and other interior and exterior walls of your house or commercial property. We bring to use the latest technology in inspection, detection and maintenance of drainage systems for our clients.

The detection of the core problem in a drain system is important to accurately fix the problem for long lasting durability. We offer video inspection services to our clients in the region for discovering the different issues in the drainage system. We can easily detect the different clogging, blockage and leakage issues in a drain with the help of this service.

Our technician use small cameras for video inspection of your drains. They insert these cameras into your drain and observe the video generated with the help of these cameras. The video inspection of the drain helps in finding the exact root cause of a drainage issue. This plays a key role in offering accurate services for the problem.

Most commercial as well as residential properties owners are benefited with the use of this advanced video inspection service.